CF | Cruelty-freeBF | Blissfully-free from parabens, phthalates and more.A | Not recommended for guests using Accutane, Retin-A or any topical or oral acne medications.B | Not recommended for guests who have sunburn or recent overexposure to the sun or have had recent laser treatmentsH | Not recommended for guests with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or circulatory problemsP | We cannot perform this treatment on pregnant guests.

The Wax Collection CF BF

We zero out hair with zero judgment. Our world-famous Poetic Waxing® is quick, effective and practically painless, deleting unwanted hair from (just about) anywhere.


15 mins $40BA


15 mins $20 BA

nose or ear

15 mins $20BA

lip or chin

15 mins $20BA


15 mins $35BA


15 mins $35BA

half arm

Removes hair from elbow to wrist.

15 mins $35 BA

full arm | CF BF

$60 30 mins BA


Removes all hair from the collar bone to the rib cage.

30 mins $65BA


15 mins $35BA

half back

Removes hair from just below the neck to the mid-back or from the mid to lower back.

15 mins $45BA

full back

30 mins $75BA

basic bikini

Standard bikini wax that removes hair on the inner & outer thigh.

15 mins $40BA

the betweeny™ wax

Goes beyond our basic bikini wax but stops short of Brazilian. Perfect for anyone on the fence about foregoing their full fuzz.

30 mins $65BA

brazilian bikini

The most painless Brazilian on the planet (if we do say so ourselves) will have you hair-free so fast you won’t even know what stripped you.

30 mins $80BA

cheeks (buttocks)

Removes hair on the buttocks only.

15 mins $40BA

upper leg

30 mins $70BA

Upper Leg/Bikini

45 mins $90BA

Upper Leg/Betweeny™

60 mins $115BA

Upper Leg / Brazilian

60 mins $130BA

Lower Leg

Removes hair from knee to ankle.
30 mins $45BA

Full Leg

Removes hair from knee to ankle.
45 mins $105BA

Full Leg/Bikini

60 mins $115BA

Full Leg/Betweeny™

75 mins $150BA

Full Leg/Brazilian

75 mins $165BA

Bikini Ingrown Eliminator

This bump-banishing treatment uses microdermabrasion on the bikini line to exfoliate and lighten skin followed by gentle removal of stray ingrown hairs.
15 mins $70BA


basic brief

Removes hair from the inner and outer thigh region.

15 mins $45BA

Between The Cheeks

This service comfortably and quickly removes the hair between the glutes to smooth out any ‘cracks’.

15 mins $40BA

Cheeks (Buttocks)

Removes hair on the buttocks area.

15 mins $50BA

The Ultimate

Go for the bare minimum, which removes all the hair from your private areas from front to back and everything in between. Should you want to modify your ultimate, just let your expert esthetician know.

45 mins $130BA