head-to-toe 'glow' treatment (90 min - radiance + wrap)

facial, body wrap and massage combine for a full body glow

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about head-to-'glow' treatment

about head-to-'glow' treatment

This top-to-toe treatment lets you simultaneously soak up our signature skin-rejuvenating Triple Oxygen facial, a warm full-body wrap of herbal essential oils and a scalp and foot massage. Talk about total 'wrap'-ture. 

p we cannot perform this treatment on pregnant guests

how it works

Experience the power of our triple oxygen facial combined with the detoxifying benefits of our herbal body wrap.  First we will apply a bliss blend of herbal essential oils including lavender, bergamot, lemon, thyme, peppermint and eucalyptus to your body. We will then wrap you in a warming wrap to fully absorb these powerful essential oils. We will begin your facial, which starts with a skin-type-specific peel cherry picked by your technician. Your esthetician will then treat you with pre-extraction oxygen, necessary extractions, apply our Triple Oxygen cream and mask, an energizing, hydrating enzyme pack, and a vitamized oxygen spray.



Not everyone knows how beneficial oxygen can be when it comes to countering bacteria from our polluted environment. Skin instantly brightens, detoxifies and is left smooth, glowing and healthy, while your entire body will feel soft, refreshed and uplifted. Talk about the total package! We recommend regular facials for the best possible results, which is why we developed our bliss spa membership program. Bliss spa membership is available in all US locations excluding bliss atlanta-downtown, bliss boston, bliss dc, and bliss fort lauderdale. Learn more at blissworld.com/membership!


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